Daily Rates

Dangerous Game                                              $660

Per Hunter per day

Non Hunting Day on Zeekoepan             $150

Per Person per day

1 Hunter : 1 PH                                                      $440

Per Hunter per day

2 Hunters : 1 PH                                                   $330

Per Hunter per day

Non Hunting Observer                                 $180

Per Person per day

Photo Safaris / Off Premises Sunday     $220

Per Person per day

Airport Travelling Days                              $150

Per Person per day

Non Hunting Children                                 50%

Per Person per day

Nocturnal Hunting                                       $150

Per Group per Vehicle

Bird Hunting                                                      $1 500

Per Hunter, per day, min 4 Hunters

Jozini Tigerfish Charter                              $400

Per Charter

Airport transfer
   Johannesburg                                                          $500
   Durban                                                                        $400

per vehicle


Daily Rates Include:

  • Daily fees are charged according to daily activities and not per night. 

  • Daily laundry service Mon-Fri.

  • Hunting vehicles.

  • Field preparation of plains game trophies.

  • Full time PH / safari guide/ trackers / skinners / PRO and camp staff.

  • Fully serviced accommodation, meals, soft beverages, local alcohol beverages
    at Zeekoepan River Lodge.

  • Government VAT applies to all fees and services and are included in daily rates.

  • Transportation of trophies to Zululand Taxidermy.


Excluded from Daily Rates 


  • Airport transfers to JHB & DBN

  • Any accommodation other than Zeekoepan & any other additional costs that may incur.

  • All special order brands of alcohol must be ordered 2 weeks ahead of time and are excluded from normal daily rates.

  • Hiring of firearms and ammo at cost per packet.

  • Leopard bait at non-trophy rates.

  • Government tax on all non-export commodities such as wounded animals and services not included in daily fees.

  • Disinfecting, packing, exporting of trophies is done by Zululand Taxidermy. They can recommend a shipping agent, or use the shipping agent of your own choice.

  • Gratuities (tips)

  • Any unforeseen expenses or additional requests not covered above

Trophy Rates

Plains Game

On Zeekoepan we have most of the bush game species. Animals that do not naturally occur on Zeekoepan, can be hunted on highveld plains concessions

Blesbuck                                                                $425


Bushbuck                                                              $1 250

Zeekoepan / Concession 

Bush pig                                                                 $750

Zeekoepan / Concession 

Duiker, Grey                                                        $400


Duiker, Red                                                          $1 250


Eland                                                                     $3 150


Giraffe                                                                  $3 250


Hartebeest, Red                                                 $1 550


Impala                                                                    $450


Jackal                                                                     $300


  Male < 54"                                                            $3 150
  Male > 54"                                                            $4 500


  Male < 27"                                                            $2 850
  Male > 27 "                                                           $4 500
  Female                                                                 $ 1 000


Oryx                                                                       $2 500


Porcupine                                                           $175


Reedbuck, Common                                        $1 350


Reedbuck, Mountain                                     $1 000


Springbuck                                                         $600


Warthog                                                             $475


Wildebeest, Black                                            $1 500


Wildebeest, Blue                                               $1 200


Zebra, Burchell's                                             $1 200


Dangerous Game

On Zeekoepan we have the Free roaming Big 5. 

If you dare to lock eyes with them, you will be afraid... 

Buffalo                                                                $13 000

Zeekoepan / Concession 

Elephant                                                             S.Q.

Special Permit: 6 weeks Zeekoepan / Concession 

Lion                                                                       S.Q.

Special Permit: 6 weeks Zeekoepan / Concession 

Rhino                                                                    S.Q.

Special Permit: 8 weeks Zeekoepan / Concession 

Crocodile                                                          S.Q.

Special Permit: 6 weeks Zeekoepan / Concession 

Hippo                                                                     S.Q.

Special Permit: 6 weeks Zeekoepan / Concession 

  • Special permits not included. Application: 6 weeks minimum prior to the hunt on dangerous game. 

  • Permit fees vary per animal between $50 and $150 and will be charged in addition to the trophy price.

  • Hunting licences for most antelope are included.

  • Nocturnal species are limited to a quota. Success can't be guaranteed.

  • Trophy charges payable on animals actually bagged OR wounded and lost.

  • Any unforeseen expenses



  • US$ 2500-00 has to be paid within 21 days after the booking was made to secure your specific and exclusive dates. The hunt is 100% confirmed after receiving the deposit.

  • Only AFTER receiving the deposit, the hunt will be arranged, as non-refundable deposits have to be paid by us towards animals hunted on concession where needed.

  • Big game will require an extra deposit as soon as the client approves the custom planned safari. 25% to 50% of the full quote of the hunt will be due to secure the hunt

  • The deposit is not refundable. It is only transferable within the same season, if an alternative date is available