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The Safari

An excellent time to join us for a hunt at Zeekoepan, is from the beginning of April until mid-October. Off-location tours could be a welcome add-on to your hunt.

However, if only a Photographic Safari is what you are looking for, then we recommend that you book from mid-October to end of March at Zeekoepan.

The most convenient way to get to us, is by flying into Johannesburg and take a second flight into Richards Bay airport, which is situated 2.5 hour’s drive away from Zeekoepan. When booking your flights and transfers, keep in mind that Sunday – Friday flights are more frequent and readily available than Saturday flights. Book your flight into Richards Bay as close as possible to mid-day to ensure safer daylight road transfers.

We highly recommend a Hunting Safari of a minimum of 8-days. Pick-up and drop-off at Richards Bay, normally on non-hunting Sundays, are included as transfer days on the first and the last day of your safari. This 8-day basic minimum hunting safari will include 6 hunting days. If you have more animals on your hunting wish list and have more time to spend with Zeekoepan Safaris, a 12 – 14-day safari will be perfect. An extended hunt will also include a non-hunting Sunday. This will give the hunting party some time to discover a bit more of what we have to offer on a day-activity. Your international flight time or additional vacation options should be added to these safari dates.

Although Zeekoepan has an abundance of bush species, if it’s open plains species that you’re looking to hunt, we have an additional location for this service approximately 1- 3 hours away.

For the planning of your hunt, it is important to know what species and the number of trophies you would like to hunt, as this will determine the recommended duration of your safari.


Any firearm in the 7mm to 300 range is recommended for antelope / plains game.

If you’re hunting one of the Big 5, hunting laws in South Africa requires a minimum calibre of .375 H&H.

Hiring of a range of firearms from Zeekoepan to suit every hunt, is possible. Ammunition @ cost price.

If you’ll be using your own rifles, you will need to receive a letter of invitation from Zeekoepan to indicate that you’ll be traveling with your hunting gear. Once your hunt is confirmed, please apply for such a letter from Zeekoepan Safaris. If the instructions in this letter are followed closely, you will be allowed to travel without complications.

It is not difficult to bring the rifles into South Africa if your paperwork is in order.

Step 1: You just need to go to your local police station or to an International Airport close to you, in order to get your rifles verified by your own country’s officials.

Step 2: Contact us at and ask for the “LETTER OF INVITATION” for the hunt. Full instructions of where to obtain the South African Police’s temporary import permit forms on the internet, is in the letter. Fill out the forms according to instructions. Have the unsigned document with you when you arrive in South Africa with your firearm. This needs to be handed to the Police at Fire Arms Control at the airport, together with the “Letter of Invitation”.

Step 3: Arriving in Richards Bay needs an external security person to clear the firearms. A set fee, published on the internet, is payable in both ways.
Please email Mr Peet Fourie at with your information. His cell phone is +27 73 981 8601 before 12 noon (USA time).

  • Name,
  • Flight numbers for arrival & departure,
  • Date & time,
  • Passport number and
  • Your home address

Step 4: Please remind us on about your rifles about 3 days before arrival in Johannesburg or the last day before you leave home on your international flight.

Bow Hunting

Hunters who prefer to use bows when hunting on Zeekoepan, will not be disappointed.

Although Zeekoepan is not exclusively for bow hunting, we do allow this discipline from hides (blinds) which overlook areas with a high concentration of animals.

Zeekoepan Safaris operates on privately owned hunting land and is strictly managed by the outfitters who owns most parts of hunting grounds. This well-managed operation results in excellent trophies.

Situated in the sub-tropical Northern Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa, the home terrain ranges from lush river vegetation to bush lands, to well spread out water sources and micro-habitats for many species in all-natural conditions.

Wing Shooting

Our open season for wing hunting operates from 1st May – 31st July. There are a variety of bird species here including ducks, geese, pigeons, pheasant, francolin, and guinea fowl. Doves can be hunted all year round but the ideal time for them is April and May when crops are ready to be harvested. Four bird hunters are the ideal group size.

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